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GOLD - Disequilibrium Summary Table (.xt)

This table summaries the pair-wise disequilibrium measures in the region. It can be modified to include arbitrary, user-define measures of association. It has the following format:


The <HEADER_LINE> includes labels for each of the available disequilibrium measures and has the following format:

  M1   M2 <label1> ... <labelN>

Each <DATA_LINE> includes a series of disequilibrium measures for one marker pair, in the following format:

<M1> <M2> <stats1> ... <statsN>

Where <M1> and <M2> are the column indexes for each marker (as in the map-file), and <stats> is the numeric value for each disequilibrium statistic. A simple table including a single statistic calculated for three marker pairs might be:

M1   M2   statistic
1    2          0.3
1    3          0.4
2    3          0.5


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