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QTDT - Download Binaries (Updated August, 2008)


Linux (x86)

Mac OS X

C++ Source Code

Example Files Only


The current version is 2.6.1, details of previous versions are here.

Installation Instructions. Download and unpack the version of QTDT appropriate to your system. If you are using a UNIX compatible system that is not listed, download the source code package.The QTDT package includes example files and four executables. The executable files are qtdt, prelude, finale and pedstats. For convenience you may wish to place these in your binary directory, /usr/local/bin (for UNIX) .

Source code package. After unpacking, type make for instructions on compiling and installing QTDT. You will need the latest version of GNU GCC to compile qtdt.

Additional information. If you are a first time user, please take a tour of the QTDT package. To estimate IBD probabalities, you may also need to install Merlin, Simwalk2, or Genehunter2.


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