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EMMAX download

The latest binary of EMMAX is emmax-intel64-20120205.gz. If you use EMMAX, please e-mail

Binary distribution

The binary version is expected to run in Ubuntu x64 platform. In other platforms, please download the source distribution and build it.

    emmax-intel-binary-20120210.tar.gz (INTEL compiled version)
    emmax-beta-07Mar2010.tar.gz (Original version of EMMAX compiled with GNU C++)

Source distribution

This version is recommended for Unix users with access to the GNU C++ compiler or INTEL C++ compiler. The source code distribution provided AS IS, and due to the complication with linking with ATLAS or MKL library, you will need to modify the Makefile or build script to work in your platform.

    emmax-beta-intel.tar.gz (Required INTEL C++ compiler and MKL library)
    emmax-beta-src.tar.gz (Required GNU C++ compiler and ATLAS library)


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