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Variance Components Linkage Analysis with Repeated Measurements

We have extended the variance components approach to model repeated measures in a quantitative trait linkage study. This website includes instructions on how to use our approach (implemented in Merlin) and also R tools which facilitate the evaluation of power and cost for different designs. Repeated measures substantially improve power and the proportional increase in LOD score depends mostly on measurement error and total heritability but not much on marker map or number of alleles per marker (i.e. relative insensitive to genotyping platforms). The R implementation includes two functions, BestRepeat(Vm, cost.pheno, Va, Vg, Ve, s), to be used when parental phenotypes are available. (instructions) and woparent.BestRepeat(Vm, cost.pheno, Va, Vg, Ve, s) to be used when parental phenotypes are not available. (instructions).

How to analyze your repeated measure data using MERLIN
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Liang L, Chen WM, Sham PC and Abecasis GR. (2009) Variance Components Linkage Analysis with Repeated Measurements. Human Heredity 67: 237-247. [PDF]


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