Bayesian Expression Search Tool

BEST (Bayesian Expression Search Tool) implements a model-based Bayesian querying tool. This program is designed to query large and heterogeneous microarray gene expression database. It is able to identify a small set of genes that share correlated gene expression profiles with the query gene under a subset of samples/experimental conditions. In addition, it allows linearly transformed expression patterns to be recognized and is robust against sporadic outliers in the data. The program is written in C++, and it is available for Linux, UNIX, Windows, MAC OSX operating systems as a command line executable.

Download program

Download the latest version and the source code of BEST. [September, 2008]


Includes the manual, tutorial and the manuscript describing BEST.

Update & Bug Log

Log of updates, bugs and fixes. Also has the previous versions of the program.


For bug report, questions or comments, please contact Ming Hu (