Chinese Restaurant Cluster

CRC implements a model-based Bayesian clustering algorithm. The cluster assignment procedure can be regarded as following a iterative Chinese restaurant process. This program is designed to cluster microarray gene expression data collected from multiple experiments. missing data is allowed. The program is written in C++, and can be run under Linux, Unix, Windows, MAC OSX operating system as a command line exexutable. CRC has the following features comparing to other clustering tools: 1) able to infer number of clusters, 2) able to cluster genes displaying time-shifted and/or inverted correlations, 3) able to tolerate missing genotype data and 4) provide confidence measure for clusters generated. Here is some more details on why you should try CRC for your microarray data analysis.

Download program

Download the latest version and the source code of CRC. [October, 2006]


Includes the manual, tutorial and the manuscript describing CRC.

Supplementary Text

Sample files used in our study.

Gene List

B. anthracis cluster results.

Trace Plots

B. anthracis cluster patterns.

Update & Bug Log

Log of updates, bugs and fixes. Also has the previous versions of the program


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Web Server

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