Fragmented Exhaustive Search for TAgSNPs

FESTA selects tagSNPs based on the pairwise LD measure . Using a pre-specified threshold d, it generates a tagSNP set such that every SNP is either in the tagSNP set itself or is in LD (with r² > d ) with at least one SNP in the tagSNP set. This is an extension of the greedy approach proposed in Carlson et al. (2004). The basic idea is to partition the whole SNP set into disjoint precincts. Including or excluding certain SNPs, requiring double coverage of SNPs, as well as the original greedy approach (on disjoint precincts) are also included in this package.

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Download the latest version of the programs. [March, 2005]


Includes the manual, manuscript and LD files geneated using HAPMAP Phase II data.

Sample Files

Sample files illustrating the format of the files required by FESTA.

Update & Bug Log

Log of updates, bugs and fixes. Also has the previous versions of the program


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