Hybrid Motif Sampler

HMS (hybrid motif sampler) implements a novel computational algorithm specifically designed for transcription factor binding sites (TFBS) motif discovery using ChIP-Seq data. HMS combines stochastic sampling with determinstic greedy search to achieve rapid and accurate motif pattern identification. In addition, it can identify non-ignorable inter-position dependency inside TFBS motifs. The program is written in C++, and both source code and linux executable are availiable for download.

Download program

Download the latest version and the source code of HMS. [March, 2010]

Download datasets

Download ChIP-Seq and ChIP-chip datasets.

Download PSWM

Download position specific weight matrix (PSWM) from de novo motif searching using ChIP-Seq data.


Includes the user manual, manuscript and supplementary material describing HMS.

Update & Bug Log

Log of updates, bugs and fixes. Also has the previous versions of the program.


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For bug report, questions or comments, please contact Ming Hu (