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Genome Wide Associations Scans for HDL-C, LDL-C and triglycerides

Meta-Analyses Tables

The three tables below summarize the results of the meta-analysis described in Kathiresan et al. (2009). Each table includes seven columns: the rs# for each SNP evaluated, the two alleles of the SNP in genome-build 35, the number of individuals evaluated for this SNP, the combined z-statistic for the SNP (a positive statistic indicates allele 1 was associated with increased trait values), the corresponding p-value, and a summary of the observed direction effect in each study contributing to the meta-analysis. The files included both genotyped and imputed SNPs and are provided in a compressed text file to conserve space.

HDL-C Meta-Analysis Results        
LDL-C Meta-Analysis Results        
Triglycerides Meta-Analysis Results      
Results for our previous meta-analysis are also available online (Willer et al, 2008 results).

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