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Global Lipids Genetics Consortium Results


Willer CJ et al. Discovery and refinement of loci associated with lipid levels. Nat. Genet. 2013. doi:10.1038/ng.2797 [online]

Meta-Analysis Tables

The tables below summarize the results of the meta-analysis described in Willer et al (2013). Each table includes ten columns: the marker names in build hg18 and hg19, the marker names in rsid format, the two alleles of the SNP, the effect size associated with the SNP, the corresponding standard error, the number of individuals evaluated for the SNP, the combined p-value for the SNP and the frequency of the first allele (the trait increasing allele) in the 1000 Genomes European sample. The files include both genotyped and imputed SNPs and are provided in a compressed text file to conserve space.


JOINT ANALYSIS OF METABOCHIP AND GWAS DATA LDL Cholesterol HDL Cholesterol Triglycerides Total Cholesterol

ANALYSIS OF METABOCHIP DATA LDL Cholesterol HDL Cholesterol Triglycerides Total Cholesterol

Columns in Result Files

Column Label Description
SNP_hg18 Marker name in build hg18.
SNP_hg19 Marker name in build hg19.
rsid Marker name in rsid format.
A1 Effect allele.
A2 Other allele.
Beta Effect size.
SE Standard Error for Beta.
N The number of individuals analyzed for this marker.
P-value P-value after doing genomic control.
Freq.A1.1000G.EUR Frequency of allele A1 from 1000G EUR sample.

Results files were slightly modified on 11/26/2013. Sites with N<50,000 were removed from the joint meta-analysis results, sites with N<20,000 were removed from the Metabochip-only results and an rsid column was added to each dataset.

Using our GLGC data in LocusZoom (

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