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WHaIT Download

If you use WHaIT please e-mail Yun Li. To get WHaIT, download the archive below and unpack it. The archive includes a brief README, examples, and binary executables.

Pre-release Version

A pre-release version of WHaIT, our methods for testing association of multiple rare variants with binary traits, is now available. If you find any problems, please e-mail Yun Li.

    Linux-whait.tar.gz         For GNU/LINUX systems

If you use WHaIT, please cite:

Li Y, Byrnes AE, and Li M (2010). To Identify Associations with Rare Variants, Just WHaIT: Weighted Haplotype and Imputation-Based Tests. Am J Hum Genet 87: 728-735. [abstract] [PDF] [errata]


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