University of Michigan Center for Statistical 


GOLD - Graphical Toolbar

This allows selection of the statistic to be graphed and an optional transformation. Various buttons allow users to customize the appearance of their plots.Admittedly, the icons are obscure....

Printing - These two buttons give access to standard windows Print and Print Setup dialogs. 

 Raw Data Grid - Turns off interpolation, and displays color coded raw data matrix.

Fill - Specifies whether surfaces should be filled (default).

Contour - Draws optional contours around each color.

Spin - Uses the left handed version of the interpolation algorithm.

Negative Image - Inverts the color coding scheme (ie, switches red and blue between top and bottom)

Unit Scale - Assumes the measure of disequilibrium to range between 0 (zero) and 1 (one).

Statistic - selects the statistic to be graphed

Transformation - Selects a transformation to be applied to the statistic before graphing.

Exit - Exits the program


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