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LAMP - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I reference LAMP?
  2. To reference LAMP, please cite: Li M, Boehnke M, and Abecasis GR (2005). Joint modeling of linkage and association: identifying SNPs responsible for a linkage signal. Am J Hum Genet 76:934-949.

  3. Why should I register my copy of LAMP?
  4. Well, all software programs are buggy... and LAMP is probably no exception. If we find something wrong, we need your e-mail address to let you know. This information is also used to gauge the level of interest in the project and helps decide whether to invest time making LAMP even better or, perhaps, go back to the lab and do some real work.

  5. Do I need a license to use LAMP?
  6. LAMP is available free for both commercial and non-commercial use, no license is required. However, note that no redistribution of the LAMP source code or binaries is allowed. If you do use LAMP, please register.

  7. Can I send LAMP output to a file?
  8. To direct LAMP output to a file, you can either redirect output to a file, with the ">" redirect operator, e.g.:

      prompt> lamp -d datfile -p pedfile -f framemapfile -c candidatemapfile > outfile
    Or, in standard Unix systems, pipe LAMP output through tee:
      prompt> lamp -d datfile -p pedfile -f framemapfile -c candidatemapfile | tee outfile
    To get output both to the screen and a file. When redirecting output, the --quiet option is recommended!

  9. What kind of samples can be analysed with LAMP?
  10. LAMP can analyse samples that include either unrelated individuals, small pedigrees or both. LAMP can carry out parametric test of association in any sample. In samples that include only unrelated individuals or trios, LAMP cannot model linkage and cannot distinguish direct and indirect association.


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