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PEDSTATS Tutorial -- Gender-Specific Output

When the --bySex command line option is specified, PEDSTATS will break down all text summaries by gender and when combined with the --pdf option, will also produce sex-specific graphical summaries of pairwise trait, covariate and affection variables.

Sex-specific Graphical Summary of Covariate and Quantitative Trait Variables

For each covariate and trait variable, PEDSTATS will plot pairwise values by gender for each pair type that has more than a few phenotyped pairs. Figure 1 shows a gender-specific summary of sib-pair values for a covariate called "DREAM COUNT". For opposite sex pairs, two plots are produced; the first mirrors each value pair to facilitate comparision with the single sex plots. The second plot in the lower right plots each brother-sister pair once, with the male value as the x-coordinate, and the female value as the y-coordinate. When the relative pair type has an inherent ancestor-descendant ordering (i.e grandparent-grandchild, parent-child and avuncular relationships), each of the four types of pair (male ancestor - male descendant, male ancestor - female descendant, female ancestor - male descendant, and female ancestor - female descendant) are plotted separately. Figure 2 shows the distribution of "DREAM COUNT" amoung avuncular pairs.

Figure 1. Unordered relative pair relationship
Figure 2: Ordered relative pair relationship

Graphical Summary of Dichotomous Variables

For dichotomous traits, a breakdown of affection status similar to that shown in Figure 3 is given for each relative pair type.

Figure 3. Affection by gender among parent-child pairs


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