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QTDT - Unpacking Download Files

QTDT downloads are in TAR archive format and compressed with GZIP. To unpack a download in this format, follow these instructions...

  1. For this example we will assume you downloaded the archive Linux-qtdt.tar.gz.
  2. If required, create an appropriate sub-directory and place the archive there using the Unix commands mkdir and mv.
  3. Decompress the QTDT archive by running gunzip Linux-qtdt.tar.gz.
  4. Unpack the QTDT archive by running tar -xvf Linux-qtdt.tar. (without the .gz extension). This will extract the QTDT package to a directory called qtdt-9.9.99 [where 9.9.99 is the current version number].
  5. Look at the README file, for example by typing more README.


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