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Before starting this tour, you should have installed QTDT on your system. Please click here to go to the download page.

This tour will take you through the main features of QTDT - you will learn how to fit different models of association to your data and how to use variance components to model shared environment and background polygenic effect. This tour will use the following example files provided with QTDT:

File Description
trios.ped A small set of simulated trios typed for a single SNP marker and two quantitative traits.
trios.dat A companion data file for trio.ped.
sibs.ped A set of four child families typed for three SNP markers. The data include a single trait and covariate, and parental genotypes are not available.
sibs.dat A companion data file for sibs.ped.
sibs.ibd A companion file of IBD estimates for sibs.ped.

The files include simulated data and have no real significance. Let's start!


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