Statistical Genetics in Ann Arbor -- Pictures

Our 3rd Thanksgiving dinner. This time, we had a total of 24 people over -- which made for a very big 22 lb turkey (10 kilos!). Following professional advice, we focused on our strengths (turkey, stuffing, graving and sweet potato soup) and outsourced the remaining ingredients to our guests. This equitable arrangement made for a great meal and left everyone full of energy for chess, pictionary, backgammon and even ping pong! [November 2005]
Holiday Party We had a whole bunch of colleagues and students over for the Statistical Genetics Holiday Party (which takes place annually after Christmas, Hannukkah and New Year, and before the Chinese New Year). It was too much fun talking to everyone, and I only found time to take one or two photos. [January 2005] Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is the biggest North American holiday after Christmas -- well, it actually falls just before Christmas, in the last Thursday of November. Traditionally, people get together with their extended families and cook a very fat turkey. Since our families are abroad, we invited some Chinese students to share our turkey. They made up for our cooking with excellent chinese side-dishes. Besides dinner, we played poker and chinese chess ... but I don't remember who won. [November 2004]
Bar Harbor in Maine We went to Bar Harbor for a Genetics course, organized by the Johns Hopkins University. As well as home of the famous Jackson Labs, responsible for many discoveries in mouse genetics, Bar Harbor is also very close to Acadia National Park and the cheapest lobster in North America (and very tasty too!). [July 2004] Fusion Meeting. The Finland-United States Investigation of NIDDM meeting in Finland. [June 2002]

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