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Gene Expression Analysis Based on Imputed Genotypes

Gene expression in lymphoblastoid cell lines was characterized in a sample of 405 siblings using Affymetrix HG U133 Plus 2.0 chips. Among these individuals, 378 were also genotyped at >300,000 SNPs using the Illumina HumanHap300 arrays, with additional genotypes for SNPs in the Phase II HapMap filled in using imputation. This website provides a browseable summary of association analysis results (p-value < 0.001). The results summarize the additive association between each SNP and transcripts with estimated heritability > 30% in the sample.
You can browse the results by Gene/Probeset ID, by Chromosomal Position or by SNP name.
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Liang et al. (2008) Genome-wide evaluation of validity and efficiency of genotype imputation.


Dixon AL*, Liang L*, Moffatt MF*, Chen W, Heath S, Wong KCC, Taylor J, Gut I, Farrall M, Lathrop GM, Abecasis GR, Cookson WOC (2007). A whole-genome association study of global gene expression. Nat Genet 39, 1202-1207 | doi:10.1038/ng2109 [PDF] [WEB]

Moffatt MF*, Kabesch M*, Liang L*, Dixon AL, Strachan D, Heath S, Depner M, von Berg A, Bufe A, Rietschel E, Heinzmann A, Simma B, Frischer T, Willis-Owen SAG, Wong KCC, Illig T, Vogelberg C, Weiland SK, von Mutius E, Abecasis GR3, Farrall M, Gut IG, Lathrop GM, Cookson WOC (2007) Genetic variants regulating ORMDL3 expression are determinants of susceptibility to childhood asthma. Nature 448, 470-473 [PDF]

* These authors contributed equally to this work






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