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GOLD - Download Binaries (Update November 8, 2001)

It is highly recommended that you read the documentation, before proceeding to download and install these applications.


All GOLD downloads include the ldmax and haploxt utilities. These are command line tools and should be added to your path. On Windows platforms the command line tools can only be executed after starting a command prompt.

The Graphical Interface is only included with the Microsoft Windows binaries.

Platform File Download Size
Microsoft Windows 1.1 Mb
Linux Linux-gold.tar.gz 324 kb
SunOS SunOS-gold.tar.gz 356 kb
Alpha OSF1-gold.tar.gz 426 kb


C++ source code for command line tools and Pascal source code to graphical interface now available for download (compatible with Borland Delphi, Kylix and C++ Builder). Note that no redistribution of source code is allowed.

Contents File Download Size
Graphical Interface Source 23 kb
Command Line Tools gold-1.1.0.tar.gz 60 kb


For some of the command line tools, you will also need to install Simwalk2 .

If you want to plot LD statistics calculated by Arlequin, you should check out the Haplotyper macro.


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