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MACH Download

If you use MACH please e-mail or Yun Li or fill out the registration form. To get MACH, download one of the archives below and unpack it. Each archive includes a brief README, examples, and binary executables. Source will be available soon (once we finish cleaning it up and decide on a license!)

Pre-release Version

A pre-release version of MACH 1.0, our software for haplotype estimating and inference of missing genotypes is now available. If you require support for a different platform, please e-mail Goncalo Abecasis or Yun Li.

    Linux-mach.tar.gz         For GNU/LINUX systems
    Darwin-mach.tar.gz        For Windows systems
    MacOS-mach.tar.gz         For MacOS systems
    mach.source.tar.gz        Source Codes
    mach2qtl.tar.gz           For Quantitative Trait Analysis
    mach2dat.tar.gz           For Binary Trait Analysis

If you use MACH, mach2qtl or mach2dat, please cite:

      Li Y, Willer CJ, Ding J, Scheet P and Abecasis GR (2010) MaCH: using sequence and genotype data to estimate haplotypes and unobserved genotypes. Genet Epidemiol 34:816-834.
      Li Y, Willer CJ, Sanna S and Abecasis GR (2009) Genotype Imputation. Annu Rev Genomics Hum Genet 10:387-406.

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