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Amelioration of Sardinian β0 thalassemia by genetic modifiers.

Galanello R, Sanna S, Perseu L, Sollaino MC, Satta S, Lai ME, Barella S, Uda M, Usala G, Abecasis GR and Cao A

Blood (2009) 114:3935-7

Sardinian beta-thalassemia patients all are homozygotes for the same null allele in the beta-globin gene, but the clinical manifestations are extremely variable in severity. Previous studies have shown that the coinheritance of alpha-thalassemia or the presence of genetic variants that sustain fetal hemoglobin production has a strong impact on ameliorating the clinical phenotype. Here we evaluate the contribution of variants in the BCL11A, and HBS1L-MYB genes, implicated in the regulation of fetal hemoglobin, and of alpha-thalassemia coinheritance in 50 thalassemia intermedia and 75 thalassemia major patients. We confirm that alpha-thalassemia and allele C of single nucleotide polymorphism rs-11886868 in BCL11A were selectively represented in thalassemia intermedia patients. Moreover, allele G at single nucleotide polymorphism rs9389268 in the HBS1L-MYB locus was significantly more frequent in the thalassemia intermedia patients. This trio of genetic factors can account for 75% of the variation differences in phenotype severity.


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