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Variants within the immunoregulatory CBLB gene are associated with multiple sclerosis.

Sanna S, Pitzalis M, Zoledziewska M, Zara I, Sidore C, Murru R, Whalen MB, Busonero F, Maschio A, Costa G, Melis MC, Deidda F, Poddie F, Morelli L, Farina G, Li Y, Dei M, Lai S, Mulas A, Cuccuru G, Porcu E, Liang L, Zavattari P, Moi L, Deriu E, Urru MF, Bajorek M, Satta MA, Cocco E, Ferrigno P, Sotgiu S, Pugliatti M, Traccis S, Angius A, Melis M, Rosati G, Abecasis GR, Uda M, Marrosu MG, Schlessinger D and Cucca F

Nat Genet (2010) 42:495-7

A genome-wide association scan of approximately 6.6 million genotyped or imputed variants in 882 Sardinian individuals with multiple sclerosis (cases) and 872 controls suggested association of CBLB gene variants with disease, which was confirmed in 1,775 cases and 2,005 controls (rs9657904, overall P = 1.60 x 10(-10), OR = 1.40). CBLB encodes a negative regulator of adaptive immune responses, and mice lacking the ortholog are prone to experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis, the animal model of multiple sclerosis.


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