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Sardinia Project

This website includes all tables and figures in the paper (Pilia et al. 2006) as well as additional details, including plots and parameter estimates for individual traits, that were not included in the original paper, or the NIA website

Part I

Detailed Results

Detailed Analysis I

Summary Plots for Individual Traits

Detailed Analysis II

Parameter Estimates and Likelihoods for Fitted Polygenic Models

Detailed Analysis III

Estimated Power for Variance Component Linkage Analysis

Part II

Supplementary Tables and Figures

Supplementary Table 1

Descriptive Statistics for 98 Traits

Supplementary Table 2

Clusters of Traits for Which Genetic Correlation Exceeds 0.5 Cutoff

Supplementary Table 3

Genetic Factor Structure of Personality Traits

Supplementary Information 4

Protocol Details for Measuring Cardiovascular Traits

Part III

Tables and Figures in the Paper

Table 1

Heritabilities for 98 Quantitative Traits under Basic and Dominance/household Models

Table 2

Genetic Model Comparisons between Males and Females

Table 3

Genetic Model Comparisons between Young and Old

Figure 1

Age, Sex and Birthplace Distribution for Participants

Figure 2

Comparison of Examplar Traits by Sex

Figure 3

Comparison of Examplar Traits by Age

Figure 4

Bivariate Clustering Analysis Relating Different Traits


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