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CaTS Download

The current version of CaTS is 0.0.2 -- it was updated in June 2006. If you use CaTS please fill out the registration form.

Precompiled Binaries

The following versions are precompiled with a graphical interface and are the most convenient for interactive use

    CaTS-setup.exe         For Windows Workstations         For MacOS X Workstations

Source Distribution

This version implements a command line version of the Calculator and is ideal for Unix users with access to the GNU C++ compiler who want to tinker with the underlying code. To install CaTS, unpack the archive below, type make and follow instructions. Have fun!


Archive of Sources for Older Versions

The source for old releases of the calculator is archived below. It is highly recommended that you download the most recent version, instead of these. For a list of changes check out the ChangeLog file in the most recent distribution.



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