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String Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 String (int startsize=0)
 String (const char *s)
 String (const String &s)
 String (char ch, int count=1)
StringClear ()
StringCopy (const String &s)
StringCopy (const String &s, int start, int count)
StringCopy (const char *s)
bool IsEmpty () const
StringToUpper ()
StringToLower ()
String AsUpper ()
String AsLower ()
String Capitalize ()
StringReverse ()
StringLeftClip (int clipAmount)
StringRightClip (int clipAmount)
Stringoperator= (char ch)
String operator+ (char ch) const
Stringoperator+= (char ch)
Stringoperator= (const String &rhs)
String operator+ (const String &rhs) const
Stringoperator+= (const String &rhs)
Stringoperator= (const char *rhs)
String operator+ (const char *rhs) const
Stringoperator+= (const char *rhs)
Stringoperator= (int rhs)
String operator+ (int rhs) const
Stringoperator+= (int rhs)
Stringoperator= (double rhs)
String operator+ (double rhs) const
Stringoperator+= (double rhs)
void appendFullFloat (float rhs)
Stringoperator= (unsigned int rhs)
String operator+ (unsigned int rhs) const
Stringoperator+= (unsigned int rhs)
String operator* (unsigned int rhs) const
Stringoperator*= (unsigned int rhs)
int Compare (const String &rhs) const
int FastCompare (const String &rhs) const
int SlowCompare (const String &rhs) const
int Compare (const char *rhs) const
int FastCompare (const char *rhs) const
int SlowCompare (const char *rhs) const
int CompareToStem (const String &stem) const
int FastCompareToStem (const String &stem) const
int SlowCompareToStem (const String &stem) const
int CompareToStem (const char *stem) const
int FastCompareToStem (const char *stem) const
int SlowCompareToStem (const char *stem) const
int MatchesBeginningOf (const String &stem) const
int FastMatchesBeginningOf (const String &stem) const
int SlowMatchesBeginningOf (const String &stem) const
int MatchesBeginningOf (const char *stem) const
int FastMatchesBeginningOf (const char *stem) const
int SlowMatchesBeginningOf (const char *stem) const
int operator== (const String &rhs) const
int operator!= (const String &rhs) const
int operator< (const String &rhs) const
int operator> (const String &rhs) const
int operator>= (const String &rhs) const
int operator<= (const String &rhs) const
int operator== (const char *rhs) const
int operator!= (const char *rhs) const
int operator< (const char *rhs) const
int operator> (const char *rhs) const
int operator<= (const char *rhs) const
int operator>= (const char *rhs) const
 operator const char * () const
const char * c_str () const
 operator char * ()
 operator int () const
 operator double () const
 operator long double () const
char operator[] (int i) const
char & operator[] (int i)
char & Last ()
char & First ()
void Grow (int newSize)
void Swap (String &s)
char * LockBuffer (int size=-1)
StringUnlockBuffer ()
StringRead ()
int ReadLine ()
void WriteLine ()
void Write ()
StringRead (FILE *f)
int ReadLine (FILE *f)
void WriteLine (FILE *f)
void Write (FILE *f)
StringRead (IFILE &f)
int ReadLine (IFILE &f)
String Left (int count) const
String Right (int count) const
String Mid (int start, int end) const
String SubStr (int start, int count) const
String SubStr (int start) const
int FindChar (char ch, int start=0) const
int FastFindChar (char ch, int start=0) const
int SlowFindChar (char ch, int start=0) const
int FindLastChar (char ch) const
int FastFindLastChar (char ch) const
int SlowFindLastChar (char ch) const
int Find (char ch, int start=0) const
int Find (const String &str, int start=0) const
int FastFind (const String &str, int start=0) const
int SlowFind (const String &str, int start=0) const
StringFilter (const String &s)
StringFilter (const char *s)
StringExcludeCharacters (const String &s)
StringExcludeCharacters (const char *s)
int Length () const
int BufferSize () const
int SetLength (int newlen)
int Dimension (int newlen)
StringAdd (const String &s)
StringAdd (char ch)
String RightToLeft ()
StringInvert ()
StringInvert (const String &s)
StringTrim ()
StringTrim (char character)
vector< String > * Split (char splitChar)
long AsInteger () const
bool AsInteger (long &intValue) const
bool AsInteger (int &intValue) const
double AsDouble () const
long double AsLongDouble () const
int printf (const char *format,...)
int vprintf (const char *format, va_list arglist)
int catprintf (const char *format,...)
int vcatprintf (const char *format, va_list arglist)
bool IsNumber ()
const unsigned char * uchar () const
const signed char * schar () const
void Fill (char ch, int length=-1)

Static Public Member Functions

static int my_snprintf (char *buffer, int bufsize, const char *format,...)
static int my_vsnprintf (char *buffer, int bufsize, const char *format, va_list args)
static void my_vsnprintf_close_file ()
static void check_vsnprintf ()

Static Public Attributes

static int alloc = 8
static bool caseSensitive = true
static FILE * my_vsnprintf_file = NULL

Protected Attributes

char * buffer
int len
int size

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file StringBasics.h.

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