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StringIntHash Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 StringIntHash (int startsize=32)
void Grow ()
void Shrink ()
void SetSize (int newsize)
void Clear ()
int Capacity () const
int Entries () const
int Integer (int i) const
int Integer (const String &key) const
void SetInteger (int i, int value)
void SetInteger (const String &key, int value)
int IncrementCount (const String &key)
int IncrementCount (const String &key, int amount)
int DecrementCount (const String &key)
int GetCount (const String &key) const
int GetCount (int index) const
int Add (const String &s, int integer)
int Find (const String &s, int defaultValue)
int Find (const String &s) const
StringIntHashoperator= (const StringIntHash &rhs)
bool operator== (const StringIntHash &rhs) const
const Stringoperator[] (int i) const
Stringoperator[] (int i)
void Delete (unsigned int index)
void Delete (const String &key)
bool SlotInUse (int index) const

Protected Attributes

String ** strings
int * integers
unsigned int * keys
unsigned int count
unsigned int size
unsigned int mask

Detailed Description

Definition at line 193 of file StringHash.h.

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