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Public Member Functions

 Matrix (Matrix &m)
 Matrix (Matrix &m, const char *name)
 Matrix (int n, int m)
 Matrix (const char *name)
 Matrix (const char *name, int n, int m)
void Dimension (int m, int n)
void Dimension (int m, int n, double value)
void GrowTo (int m, int n)
void GrowTo (int m, int n, double value)
void SetLabel (const char *name)
void SetColumnLabel (int n, const char *name)
const char * GetColumnLabel (int n)
void SetColWidth (int n, int w)
void SetColPrecision (int n, int p)
void CopyLabels (Matrix &m)
void Negate ()
void Identity ()
void Zero ()
void Set (double k)
void Copy (const Matrix &m)
void Transpose (const Matrix &m)
void Add (const Matrix &m)
void AddMultiple (double k, const Matrix &m)
void Product (const Matrix &left, const Matrix &right)
void Add (double k)
void Multiply (double k)
void Reduce (double tol=0.0)
Vectoroperator[] (int i)
const Vectoroperator[] (int i) const
void DeleteRow (int r)
void DeleteColumn (int c)
void SwapRows (int r1, int r2)
void SwapColumns (int c1, int c2)
void MultiplyRow (int r1, double k)
void AddRows (int r1, int r2)
void AddRows (double k, int r1, int r2)
void Sort ()
void Print (FILE *f, int maxRows=-1, int maxCols=-1)
void PrintUpper (FILE *f, int maxRows=-1, int maxCols=-1, bool print_diag=false)
void PrintLower (FILE *f, int maxRows=-1, int maxCols=-1, bool print_diag=false)
void SetupPrint (FILE *f, int r, int c, int &column_zero, int *precision, int *width)
void Read (FILE *f)
Matrixoperator= (const Matrix &rhs)
bool operator== (const Matrix &rhs) const
bool operator!= (const Matrix &rhs) const
Matrixoperator*= (double rhs)
Matrixoperator/= (double rhs)
void StackBottom (const Matrix &m)
void StackLeft (const Matrix &m)
void Swap (Matrix &m)
double Min () const
double Max () const
double Mean () const
double SafeMin () const
double SafeMax () const
double SafeMean () const
int SafeCount () const
VectorLast ()

Public Attributes

String label
int rows
int cols
int size
int extraSize
Vector ** data

Detailed Description

Definition at line 76 of file MathMatrix.h.

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