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Vector Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Vector (Vector &v)
 Vector (int d)
 Vector (const char *text)
 Vector (const char *text, int d)
 Vector (const char *text, Vector &v)
void Dimension (int d)
void Dimension (int d, double value)
void GrowTo (int d)
void GrowTo (int d, double value)
int Length () const
void SetLabel (const char *text)
void Zero ()
void Set (double k)
void Set (Vector &v)
void SetMultiple (double k, Vector &v)
void Negate ()
void Add (double n)
void Multiply (double k)
double InnerProduct (Vector &v)
void Copy (const Vector &v)
void Add (Vector &v)
void AddMultiple (double k, Vector &v)
void Subtract (Vector &v)
void Product (Matrix &m, Vector &v)
double & operator[] (int n)
double operator[] (int n) const
double operator[] (double fraction)
double & operator[] (double fraction) const
Vectoroperator= (const Vector &v)
bool operator== (const Vector &v) const
bool operator!= (const Vector &v) const
void Swap (int i, int j)
void Swap (Vector &rhs)
Vectoroperator*= (double rhs)
Vectoroperator+= (double rhs)
Vectoroperator-= (double rhs)
Vectoroperator/= (double rhs)
Vectoroperator+= (Vector &rhs)
Vectoroperator-= (Vector &rhs)
void DeleteDimension (int n)
void Delete (int n)
void Insert (int n, double value)
void AveVar (double &ave, double &var) const
double Average () const
double Var () const
double StandardDeviation () const
double Average (double returnIfNull)
double Var (double returnIfNull)
double StandardDeviation (double returnIfNull)
double Sum () const
double SumSquares () const
double Product () const
double Min () const
double Max () const
int CountIfGreater (double treshold) const
int CountIfGreaterOrEqual (double treshold) const
void Stack (const Vector &v)
void Print (int maxDim=-1)
void Print (FILE *output, int maxDim=-1)
void Sort ()
void Reverse ()
void Sort (Vector &freeRider)
int BinarySearch (double value)
int FastFind (double value)
void RemoveDuplicates ()
double & First ()
double & Last ()
void Clear ()
void Push (double value)
double Pop ()
double Peek () const
void InsertInSortedList (int item)
bool isAscending ()
bool isDescending ()
int SafeCount () const
double SafeMin () const
double SafeMax () const

Public Attributes

int dim
int size
double * data
String label

Static Public Attributes

static int alloc = 32

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file MathVector.h.

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