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Pedigree Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void Prepare (IFILE &input)
void Load (IFILE &input)
void LoadMendel (IFILE &input)
void Prepare (const char *input)
void Load (const char *input, bool allowFailures=false)
int TranslateSexCode (const char *code, bool &failure)
void PrepareDichotomization ()
int Dichotomize (int trait, double mean=_NAN_)
void DichotomizeAll (double mean=_NAN_)
void WriteDataFile (FILE *output)
void WritePedigreeFile (FILE *output)
void WriteDataFile (const char *output)
void WritePedigreeFile (const char *output)
void WritePerson (FILE *output, int who, const char *famid=NULL, const char *pid=NULL, const char *fatid=NULL, const char *motid=NULL)
void WriteRecodedPerson (FILE *output, int who, MarkerInfo **markerInfo, const char *famid=NULL, const char *pid=NULL, const char *fatid=NULL, const char *motid=NULL)
void Sort ()
FamilyFindFamily (const char *famid)
PersonFindPerson (const char *famid, const char *pid)
int CountAlleles (int marker)
void LumpAlleles (double treshold, bool reorder=true)
void EstimateFrequencies (int estimator, bool quiet=false)
Personoperator[] (int i)
bool InheritanceCheck (bool abortIfInconsistent=true)
bool AutosomalCheck ()
bool SexLinkedCheck ()
bool TwinCheck ()
void MergeTwins ()
void Trim (bool quiet=false, int *informative=NULL)
void AddPerson (const char *famid, const char *pid, const char *fatid, const char *motid, int sex, bool delay_sort=false)
void ExtractFamily (int id, Pedigree &new_ped)
void ExtractOnAffection (int a, Pedigree &new_ped, int target_status=2)
void Filter (IntArray &filter)
void ShowMemoryInfo ()

Public Attributes

int size
int count
Person ** persons
int familyCount
Family ** families
int haveTwins
PedigreeDescription pd
int multiFileCount

Static Public Attributes

static bool sexAsCovariate = false
static String missing

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file Pedigree.h.

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