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Person Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

bool isHalfSib (Person &sib)
bool isSib (Person &sib)
bool isTwin (Person &twin)
bool isMzTwin (Person &mzTwin)
bool CheckParents ()
void AssessStatus ()
bool isFounder ()
bool isSexed ()
bool isGenotyped (int m)
bool isFullyGenotyped ()
bool isControlled (int c)
bool isFullyControlled ()
bool isPhenotyped (int t)
bool isFullyPhenotyped ()
bool isDiagnosed (int a)
bool isFullyDiagnosed ()
bool haveData ()
bool isAncestor (Person *descendant)
int GenotypedMarkers ()
void Copy (Person &rhs)
void CopyIDs (Person &rhs)
void CopyPhenotypes (Person &rhs)
void WipePhenotypes (bool remove_genotypes=true)

Static Public Member Functions

static void Order (Person *&p1, Person *&p2)

Public Attributes

String famid
String pid
String motid
String fatid
int sex
int zygosity
int serial
int traverse
double * traits
char * affections
double * covariates
int sibCount
Person ** sibs
int ngeno
bool filter

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file PedigreePerson.h.

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