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glfHandler Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

bool Open (const String &filename)
void OpenStub ()
bool Create (const String &filename)
bool isOpen ()
void Close ()
void Rewind ()
bool NextSection ()
bool NextEntry ()
bool NextBaseEntry ()
void BeginSection (const String &sectionLabel, int sectionLength)
void EndSection ()
void WriteEntry (int outputPosition)
char GetReference (int position, char defaultBase)
int GetDepth (int position)
const double * GetLikelihoods (int position)
const unsigned char * GetLogLikelihoods (int position)
int GetMapQuality (int position)

Static Public Member Functions

static const double * GetDefaultLikelihoods ()
static const unsigned char * GetDefaultLogLikelihoods ()
static int GenotypeIndex (int base1, int base2)

Public Attributes

bool isStub
IFILE handle
String header
String label
int sections
int currentSection
int maxPosition
bool endOfSection
glfEntry data
int position
double likelihoods [10]
String indelSequence [2]
const char * errorMsg

Detailed Description

Definition at line 72 of file glfHandler.h.

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