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PedigreeGlobals Class Reference
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Static Public Member Functions

static int GetTraitID (const char *name)
static int GetMarkerID (const char *name)
static int GetCovariateID (const char *name)
static int GetAffectionID (const char *name)
static int GetStringID (const char *name)
static int LookupTrait (const char *name)
static int LookupMarker (const char *name)
static int LookupCovariate (const char *name)
static int LookupAffection (const char *name)
static int LookupString (const char *name)
static void GrowMarkerInfo ()
static MarkerInfoGetMarkerInfo (String &name)
static MarkerInfoGetMarkerInfo (int marker)
static int SortMarkersInMapOrder (IntArray &markers, int chromosome=-1)
static void GetOrderedMarkers (IntArray &markers)
static void FlagMissingMarkers (IntArray &missingMarkers)
static bool MarkerPositionsAvailable ()
static bool AlleleFrequenciesAvailable ()
static void VerifySexSpecificOrder ()
static void LoadAlleleFrequencies (const char *filename, bool required=false)
static void LoadAlleleFrequencies (IFILE &file)
static void LoadMarkerMap (const char *filename, bool filter=false)
static void LoadMarkerMap (IFILE &file, bool filter=false)
static void LoadBasepairMap (const char *filename)
static void LoadBasepairMap (IFILE &file)
static void WriteMapFile (const char *filename)
static void WriteMapFile (FILE *file)
static void WriteFreqFile (const char *filename, bool old_format=false)
static void WriteFreqFile (FILE *file, bool old_format=false)
static int LoadAllele (int marker, String &label)
static int LoadAllele (MarkerInfo *info, String &label)

Static Public Attributes

static int traitCount = 0
static int markerCount = 0
static int affectionCount = 0
static int covariateCount = 0
static int stringCount = 0
static bool chromosomeX = false
static bool sexSpecificMap = false
static StringArray traitNames
static StringArray covariateNames
static StringArray affectionNames
static StringArray markerNames
static StringArray stringNames
static StringIntHash markerLookup
static StringIntHash traitLookup
static StringIntHash affectionLookup
static StringIntHash covariateLookup
static StringIntHash stringLookup
static int markerInfoCount = 0
static int markerInfoSize = 0
static MarkerInfo ** markerInfo = NULL
static StringHash markerInfoByName
static MarkerInfo ** markerInfoByInteger = NULL

Detailed Description

Definition at line 107 of file PedigreeGlobals.h.

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